[rescue] Power question...

Nathan Raymond nate at portents.com
Sun Jan 11 20:42:46 CST 2004

I realize this is somewhat off-topic, but I figure you folks are some of
the most experienced people to ask this question: what would cause
computer monitors (any monitor, hooked up to any computer) to jiggle at a
refresh other than 60Hz?  I'm talking serious jiggle, and at any refresh
above 60Hz.  This has been happening since I moved to an apartment in
Cambridge, MA a few months ago, and it happens to all my monitors (four
different ones, three different brands), hooked up to any computer.  I
only get a stable image at the eyestrain causing, headache inducing
refresh rate of 60Hz.  I've tried outlets on either side of room, no
difference.  I don't have any sort of UPS, just some high quality power
strips (and this happens on more than one power strip, so I know it's not
the strip).

There has been only one circumstance when the jiggle has gone away - when
there has been a power outage (and there have been 5 in the last four
months), and I've turned my computer back on right after power is
restored, I get a completely stable image at high refreshes.  This leads
me to believe there is something else connected to a power line that is
causing the jiggle that gets shut off by the power outage.  I'm not
entirely sure how long it takes whatever it is causing the jiggle to come
back on, since all the power outages have been at night, and I've gone to
sleep before the jiggle comes back.

Anyone seen this?  Is this a house wiring problem?  A problem with
something another tennant is running (there are four apartments in the
house I'm in)?  A power company problem?  Can a line conditioner solve
this problem?  A UPS?  Driving my monitors at 60Hz is driving me nuts.

Thanks in advance,

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