[rescue] imac keyboard parts (or for parts) wanted

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Jan 10 23:54:45 CST 2004

Well, received an iMac DV 400 .... w/keyboard.

However, unit was not packed well, and the weight of the unit pressed
the enter key on the numeric keypad, cutting the chicklet/rubber
layer beneath the key (chopped a little circle right out of it and
stuff it inside the hollowed point on the bottom of the enter key....

Was hoping maybe someone has a keyboard that went dead, is missing
keys, or the like, that I could scavange....

DVD drive had a CD stuck in it, and someone (not so kindly) tried to
remove it.

I opened up the DVD drive, replaced a dislodged part, straightened
another metal part, and it still had troubles working.

I finally disassembled the shaft with the rubber wheels/feeders that
pull in and eject the cd... they were slipping badly on the
steel shaft....  a little rubber cement and reassembly and it works
dandy now....

In retrospect a think a layer of heatshrink tubing on the steel
shaft would have worked nicely as well.

-- Curt

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