[rescue] silencing a sparcserver 1000

Stephen Sukovich ssukovich at tampabay.rr.com
Sat Jan 10 20:42:56 CST 2004

>If your not running lots of sbus cards, have limited heat internal
>drives... you could try rewiring the fan setup to run the fans
>connected serially.... 

the monster has umm...
4 10mbps/scsi cards
2 fore 150mbps atm cards the rj45 ones
1 antares ultra wide scsi card
2 frame buffers...
1 soc (serial optical card)

I think the frame buffers are gx+ something or other.
Im going to take them out since I don't need them.
My plan with the atm cards was to hook my sparc20 and this monster 
Together but I cant find the drivers for them for solaris 8, and
Openbsd 3.4 doesn't support this atm card :(
I believe the ultra wide scsi card is broken since It wont probe 
Anything and just gives timeouts...

Here is a question... can I hook 2 atm cards together with just a 
Cross-over cable?

>The other think you could do is to use a potentiometer, resistor,
>voltage regulator or something if half power is too low to get
>something less than full voltage to the fans, but enough to
>keep the system adequately cooled.... I'm sure there is excess
>capacity in there now.... so it can be made quieter.

I played around with unplugging the fans just to see how they affect
The horrible horrible noise. The problem actually seems to be the
Front fan by the power supply. It is a small 13cm fan unlike the
2 20cm fans in the fan card. I cant honestly allow the power supply 
to run without a fan on it but I believe I have a solution. 

I am not an electronics type soldering person, but I believe I will 
Get I think they are potentiometers which are little turn type knobby
Things that allow you to dial down how much voltage goes to something.

Three of those should do the job at turning the fans down so it can get 
Enough cooling in it. 

Stephen Sukovich

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