[rescue] silencing a sparcserver 1000

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Jan 10 20:01:08 CST 2004

Something to consider....

If your not running lots of sbus cards, have limited heat internal
drives... you could try rewiring the fan setup to run the fans
connected serially.... 

I think the fans are 12V, so if you wire two 12V fans in serial like:

   |                |
   |   ----------   |
   |  |          |  |
 --------      --------
|        |    |        |
|        |    |        |
|        |    |        |
|        |    |        |
 --------      --------

Then drive them with the 12V feed for fans... each fan will only see
half the voltage.... it will spin slower, move less air, and be much
much quieter.

However, in doing this, be sure to make sure you don't significantly
raise your internal temperature.... or you'll have a quiet dead
machine !

The other think you could do is to use a potentiometer, resistor,
voltage regulator or something if half power is too low to get
something less than full voltage to the fans, but enough to
keep the system adequately cooled.... I'm sure there is excess
capacity in there now.... so it can be made quieter.

Since these systems were designed for a good amt of peripheral cards,
etc... you might (read... might) be able to do this and get away
with it.

I too have an 8 way SS1000, but it is not in use at this time, as
I need a friend to carry it over to the hose once I get a place
setup to run it.... then I too can worry about the noise problem.


  -- Curt

On Fri, 2004-01-09 at 17:36, Stephen Sukovich wrote:
> Oh you all are soo horrible ^_^
> well im not going to silence my girlfriend, and
> we have managed to come to an understanding about 
> my semi-expensive and heavy hobby. Though she does
> have one rule... I cant buy anything that weighs more
> than she does or if I do I have to be here to carry it 
> up the stairs. Before anyone else cracks the comment :)
> she weights about 100 lbs right now plus or minus 5. 
> Ive thought about rigging something up and replacing 2 of
> the huge 20 cm fans with a few smaller size ones. I even
> thought about wiring in some peltier coolers to the processors 
> to keep them icy cold, but I cant honestly see spending more 
> money on it then I actually used to buy it :) I curse myself 
> for having 8 processors at times. 
> Oh well :) poor my. 
> Stephen Sukovich
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