[rescue] Re: NetApp drive can question

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Sat Jan 10 16:19:52 CST 2004

Dave said:

"Hey folks.

   Can anyone tell me if the drive canisters for the NetApp FC9 shelf 
are physically compatible with the FC8 shelf?

   And does anyone have any spare canisters that'll fit in an FC8?  I'm 
looking for four.

The FC8 and FC9 sleds are mechanically compatible. The OEM for each 
array was Eurologic.

A useful Eurologic reseller is www.corpsys.com - who also sells stuff on 
EBay as corpsys. They sell the sleds for $49 each on their website (seems 
expensive to me).

FWIW the Eurologic SCSI and FC-AL sleds are mechanically identical (they 
use the same aluminium extrusion). Also, you can easily adapt the blank 
sleds to hold disks (all you have to do is drill some mounting holes for 
the disks).



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