[rescue] Epson R300 discontinued so soon?

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Sat Jan 10 14:01:52 CST 2004

I apologize for this being off-topic, but I was hoping others in the tech 
sector may have some information on what's going on.

Epson released the Stylus Photo R300 / R300M oin October 30.  Since then, 
they've flown off the shelves and there have been massive stock-outs at all 
the retailers.  I'm hearing now that they've discontinued the unit.

Anyone know why?  It seems like this thing was hugely popular.  Did they have 
manufacturing or quality control issues?

My unit turned up defective and I can't find a store anywhere that has one to 
replace it with.  I really like it (HP's stuff sucks) and can't think of one 
I'd like to use as an alternative.  We were mostly looking for an easy way to 
print 4x6 prints from the digicam without involving a computer, but without 
being limited to 4x6.



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