[rescue] silencing a sparcserver 1000

Stephen Sukovich ssukovich at tampabay.rr.com
Fri Jan 9 17:30:44 CST 2004

>I intend this in the nicest, gentlest way possible.  If your girl 
>friend has problems and requires an 'understanding' about your hobby 
>then you're going to have problems .. big ones .. later on in life.

oh geez... when I first moved in with her she had more computers than I
did, but sadly.... we had to get rid of a few. Neither of us could
honestly think of what to do with a 33mhz 486 with just eisa and isa
slots. I couldn't believe that's what she used for the longest time to
talk with me over irc when we were in separate states. (confusion and
insanity). There was also a labtop with a flaky power switch, and an
inherited Pentium 200 system. 

Honestly the understanding is I cant get anything truly big like a cray
till we get a house, and if I get anything I need to be here to pick it
up when the delievery people show up. Since she IS a girl and cant seem
to pick up 100 pound packages.

>Personally I think the number and noise of the fans is overkill and
from >what I remember you could probably turn off some of them without
damaging >anything.

Ill try unplugging a few and seeing if I get panics or weird errors. Ill
see what happens :)

>Oh yeah, is she cute and does she have a sister?  It is sort obligatory
to >ask that question on this list...

no just a few brothers and step-brothers... if you are into that...

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