[rescue] silencing a sparcserver 1000

Kevin Loch kloch at gurunet.net
Fri Jan 9 13:19:21 CST 2004

Stephen Sukovich wrote:
> I recently acquired a sparcserver 1000 and a sparc storage array 112.
> It's a great machine except for one small problem. It is LOUD. So loud
> my girlfriend refuses to allow me to run it when she is around. 

Without more information about your age, and size of residence, it is
impossible to determine the correct action.

If you're in school, turn off the damn machine and enjoy your girlfiends
while you are young and single.

If you are older than say 25, and in a large house, tell her to hit
the road.  It will only get MUCH worse from here.  Accomodating the
other persons hobbies and peculiar interests is one of the most
basic ingredients in a successful relationship.  Whatever you do
don't marry this person.  It's not about the machine, it's about
wether you can live together at all.


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