[rescue] Ultra 1 - is it OK?

Corey corey at phix.com
Thu Jan 8 12:55:50 CST 2004

> On Wed, 7 Jan 2004, Shirker wrote:
> > The NVRAM battery in my Ultra 1 has gone flat, it seems.
> > It displays the following rather disconcerting message upon switch-on:
> > SC Control: EWP: 0  IAP: 0  FATAL: 0  WAKEUP: 0  BXIR: 0  BPOR: 0
> > SXIR: 0  SPOR: 1  POR: 0
> > and then continues as normal:
> > Probing Memory Bank #0 ...
> This looks like diag-mode.  Which is often an indication your NVRAM
> went south, but not always.  I've never seen an Ultra NVRAM go flat
> before, but all the sun4c and sun4m machines I've seen with NVRAM]
> problems specifically mention the battery and/or TOD clock are bad.


Another thing that occurs when a sun4[cm] machine's
NVRAM battery dies is that the system will lose its 
hostid (and hence the ethernet MAC address which is
derived from this). I too have never lost an NVRAM in 
an Ultra, so I don't know if these share that behaviour. 
But, if you're losing your hostID/MAC, that would be a 
good indication that the NVRAM battery is dead.


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