[rescue] Usb flash disc on solaris

Dan Williams dan_williams at ntlworld.com
Mon Jan 5 13:55:07 CST 2004

Michael Still wrote:

> Well I got one of these usb flash disks for xmas and I wanted to get 
> it working on my ultra 30. I have a belkin usb card that does work 
> with a usb mouse I have so I do some searching and flash disks do work 
> under at least solaris 9.  So I plug it in and hey it works (after I 
> tweak vold).  Then I get fancy and type 'eject device' where device is 
> the logical name for the flash disk. The light blinks on the flash 
> disc and now it doesn't work on any computer I try it in. No lights, 
> no info in logs, nada. Just be careful with these discs if you use 
> them on solaris.
> Details: microadvantage 128m flash drive
> Solaris9 12/03
> Belkin usb card (forget the model, listed on sun.com as working)
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