[rescue] Usb flash disc on solaris

Michael Still michaelstill at tmail.com
Mon Jan 5 12:37:50 CST 2004

Well I got one of these usb flash disks for xmas and I wanted to get it 
working on my ultra 30. I have a belkin usb card that does work with a 
usb mouse I have so I do some searching and flash disks do work under at 
least solaris 9.  So I plug it in and hey it works (after I tweak 
vold).  Then I get fancy and type 'eject device' where device is the 
logical name for the flash disk. The light blinks on the flash disc and 
now it doesn't work on any computer I try it in. No lights, no info in 
logs, nada. Just be careful with these discs if you use them on 

Details: microadvantage 128m flash drive
Solaris9 12/03
Belkin usb card (forget the model, listed on sun.com as working)
Michael Still (MichaelStill at tmail.com)

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