[rescue] my FDDI stuff has to find a new home...

Kay sunfriek at ussonet.net
Sun Jan 4 00:53:28 CST 2004

 i have a Pile of FDDI stuff sitting here collecting dust and needs to go...
i was gonna use it til i realized the heads wont pull through my conduit in
the office ... i resorted to using st 100-base-fx..

got a pile of MIC cables.. probably 15 5-6ft jumper cables , 4 50ft, and
probably more in that box ...i think theres also 2 -100ft ones as well..

2 cisco ws-c1400 concentrators
6 or MORE sbus FDDI cards
15 or more CDDI cisco cards
Sun FDDI software CD's
more misc FDDI stuff..

anyone needs this stuff???
email me offlist if you are interested in this stuff..

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