[rescue] my first big iron! and a couple of questions:

Brian Dunbar brian.dunbar at plexus.com
Sun Jan 4 00:26:29 CST 2004

On Jan 4, 2004, at 12:07 AM, Eric Webb wrote:

> On Sunday 04 January 2004 12:50 am, Brian Dunbar wrote:
> > >
> > > Older Laserjets?  How old?  Will this work on a 5si?
> > >
> > > Also, how long does this last?  Until the next power cycle?
> >
> > the first printer(s) I did this on were HP 5Si.  It should keep the
> > message through power cycles - my  (only) legitimate use to-date was
> to
> > change the display to show the Mainframe print queue name for a dozen
> > HP5Si printers being used as mainframe printers.
> Might be good for a laugh... I have a 5si within earshot on the other
> side of
> my cube wall that's used by the whole IT department.
> Have to be careful, though.  A suit routinely uses that printer, too.

Indeed.  After having 'fun' with the mainframe printers I went
'overboard' and changed the IT department's printer.  My first clue
that IT Manager had zero sense of humour came an hour later when my
site lead pulled me aside and asked me to 1) change it back, quick and
2) never, ever do anything like that again, 'cause his boss was PO.d


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