[rescue] HELP... need to find specific DIMMs :-(

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Jan 3 12:08:53 CST 2004

I have a PC (yeah, I know a PC.... but I have more non PC gear than PC
gear....).... and I've had one problem after another to create it...

Nice big older ATX tower.... motherboard included ATX backing panel
won't go in... file a rounded corner square... it snaps in... but is
off 1 to 1.5mm to the right... with no way to adjust... so 1+ hours,
plastic and an xacto knife and I've got my own custom (white) one.

Next hurdle.. it's dual slot 1 (It is a Tyan Thunder 2400 for those
interested)... but I'm using Iwill Slockets and s370 933MHZ PIIIs...
now the hs/fan combo is too tall to put in the 2nd proc... so I've
got some nice low profile copper ones on order... that will solve that.

Then (and finally on to the real point of this msg), the RAM is too
tall to allow the floppy/hd bracket to be put in (the RAM needs to be
about 1cm shorter than it is... <sigh>.  I could cut part of the bracket
off.. but then I can't mount a hard drive (I'd have to use an adapter
and valuable 5.25" openings)..... so I'd like to find some specific

256MB PC133 Registered DIMMS  low profile (or basically 33mm tall or
shorter).  I much prefer ECC, but non ECC is OK too.  I also don't
want cheap memory... I'd like something like Kingston, Crucial, etc...

They need to go in in pairs, so I need 2, but I'd like 4 (I have four
slots and would like to fill them with matching DIMMS).

I'm having a hell of a time finding memory to match this criteria....

Anyone have any available ?  

Anyone have a trustworthy memory vendor that sells quality stuff
matching this description for affordable prices....

This is for a home machine, and I have to watch every $ of my money.

If I can't find any I'll have to hack the bracket, or buy another case
(probably only to have problems there too... the Tyan Thunder 2400
is a VERY BIG board).

Thanks in advance,

  -- curt

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