[rescue] my first big iron! and a couple of questions:

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Fri Jan 2 08:03:48 CST 2004

If you install NT/2000/XP on this with SmartStart, you will have a utility
that let's you set the messages on the LCD- either a custom message, or you
can display various system data, like CPU utilization, memory usage, etc.
You can also change it in the system setup screen when you boot the setup
partition by pressing F10. This assumes you have the setup partition on the
box, but if it was running a stock SmartStart install, you should. You can
also install that partition without having to install Windows if you don't
want to. It's handy to have.

We had some 6000's at a previous job. I changed the LCD's to read "I'm old
and slow - get rid of me". When decommission day came, I changed it to
"Steve will make me go away" or something similar. Probably explains why I
have two Proliant 6000's and a bonus 5000 at this time :-) They are nice
boxes in the correct application.


> From: phoetoid 
> Subject: [rescue] my first big iron! and a couple of questions:
> Well I finally got around to finding some old hardware, a Compaq
> Proliant 6000 quad pentium pro box with 4 9 gig drives in it, and two
> 500/750 watt psu's. its pretty large for my house :/
> But in all my glee, I was wondering if anyone knows of any tools or
> programs to configure the LCD on the dang thing?  It has the name of the
> place where I got it from written on the LCD right now....so it has to
> be programmable...I tried the latest compaq smartstart CD, but that
> didn't have any options that had to do with the LCD. I have googled up
> the wazoo for info on this LCD, but didn't find anything. any help or
> linkage would be awesome. oh and happy new year!
> Thanks in advance
> -Charlie
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