[rescue] my first big iron! and a couple of questions:

Dan Williams dan_williams at ntlworld.com
Fri Jan 2 05:06:00 CST 2004

phoetoid wrote:

> Well I finally got around to finding some old hardware, a Compaq 
> Proliant 6000 quad pentium pro box with 4 9 gig drives in it, and two 
> 500/750 watt psu's. its pretty large for my house :/
> But in all my glee, I was wondering if anyone knows of any tools or 
> programs to configure the LCD on the dang thing?  It has the name of 
> the place where I got it from written on the LCD right now....so it 
> has to be programmable...I tried the latest compaq smartstart CD, but 
> that didn't have any options that had to do with the LCD. I have 
> googled up the wazoo for info on this LCD, but didn't find anything. 
> any help or linkage would be awesome. oh and happy new year!
> Thanks in advance
> -Charlie
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 I've got the disks for config and for the mylex raid controller. I'll 
dig them out for you.


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