[rescue] FS: SGI bits and various

Kurt Huhn kurt at k-huhn.com
Thu Jan 1 18:03:34 CST 2004

Office cleaning time!

The below is all for sale.  No reasonable offers refused.  Please note
that all prices *include* shipping to anywhere in the continental US.

2x Indigo2 r4k/r8k power supplies p/n 6064470 - $20 each
2x Indigo2 mid-planes p/n 013-8684-00[3|2] - $10 each
2x Indigo2 Extreme Graphics (3 board set) - $20 each
1x Indigo2 Elan graphics set - $15
2x R4400-250Mhz Indigo2 processor modules - $20 each
1x Indigo2 front door assy.  Entire front skin - $10
4x Toshiba 8MB simms for Indigo2 - $10
4x Toshiba 16MB simms for Indigo2 - $15
4x nStor 16MB simms for Indigo2 - $15
8x NEC 8MB simms for Indigo2 - $15
1x Indigo2 HD sled w/ 4.3GB drive - $25

1x Octane xbow (030-0891-003) without mounting plate or SCSI backplane
and riser - $20
1x Octane xbow assy complete (030-0891-003), but with broken SCSI
backplane or riser - $25
1x Octane system board (030-1467-001) of unknown condition, not tested,
possibly bad - make offer

2x Elite3d-M3 UPA framebuffer for Suns - $15 each

1x Apple 256MB 133Mhz CL3 SODIMM (originally in a new iBook) - $30

1x Xircom CWE1120-NA wireless ethernet adapter (PCMCIA) - $10
1x Interphase PCI FDDI adapter (pb5526-004) - $10
1x Pentium2-450Mhz processor with heatsink and temperature probe - $15
1x Compaq Sound Blaster PCI Audio 128V - $10
1x PERC2/DC dual-channel PCI card Ultra2 SCSI aka. AMI MegaRAID 467
(possibly bad, possibly fixable) - make offer

1x Gibson Muffler - single 3" in, dual 2.5" out brand new still in
shrinkwrap - $60
1x CRKT Marzitelli Prowler pocket knife with clip in original box - $30
1x Junglee Sahara Jr pocket knife with clip in orignal box - $30

Kurt                   "Smoke your pipe and be silent;  
kurt at k-huhn.com         there's only wind and smoke in the world." 
				~Irish proverb

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