[rescue] SGI Challenge Parts

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Sun Feb 29 16:29:38 CST 2004

I have a dead Challenge/GR[0] in my dining room that's been there
since July.  It needs a KONA-ready midplane in order to live again, and
I can't seem to hunt one down.

Here are the parts that I have:

   4  MC3 memory cards withe 24x16MB sticks and 8x64MB[1] sticks, so
      they're nearly 1GB each.  $175 each.
   3  Quad R10k modules, 195MHz.  These have the large cache. $175 each.
   3  IO4 cards, each with dual differential SCIP mezzazine cards, with
      cables and bulkhead modules.  $75 each, $40 if you just want the
      IO4, $25 for each SCIP.
   1  RE2 with two RM4 cards and bulkhead module.  $150
   1  VME FDDI.  $50
   1  VCAM.  $35
   3  505x2 power boards.  $35 each.
   2  Front panel modules, with keys.  $40 each.
   1  SCSIbox.  $50.
   3  9gb differential SCSI drives in Challenge/Onyx carriers.  $35
   1  System Controller.  $35
   n  Blank cards.  $5 each.
   2  Blowers.  $40 each.
   2  Power supply modules.  $50 each.
   1  220VAC power supply w/o modules.  $65, or $125 if you want the
      supply and both modules.
   1  NEMA L6-30R to NEMA 10-30 10-gauge power cable, 20'.  $20.
   8  Side panels.  $20 each, I'll consider selling them for less if you
      want more than one--they're a pain to pack safely individually.
   1  Set of front doors in perfect condition.  $150.
   1  Extra RE2 buldhead module.  $10
   1  Rack chassis.  Come pick it up.

Reasonable offers considered.  Whatever doesn't sell this week goes to
eBay.  As far as I know, everything works.  Obviously, without a
functional midplane, I can't test more beyond the power supplies, power
boards, blowers, system controller, and front panel, but everything
looks to be in great condition.

Alternatively, if you have a cheap KONA-ready midplane for an Onyx/XL, I
might be able to revive this beast, and I'd be interested.  I'm nearly
broke at the moment, which is why I'm considering selling this lovely
machine rather than sticking to trying to make it live again.

[0] A /GR is an odd beast.  It's basically an Onyx/XL with Challenge
    skins.  It shipped from SGI IR-ready, but with an RE2 head.
[1] At least, I think that's what they are.  They're marked CSI256M on
    the middle of the DIMM, and have a "4260-64" label attached to one
    of the chips on each of them, so I'm ASSuming they're each 64MB
    sticks that are members of a 256MB leaf.  If they're 256MB each,
    please either tell me before you buy it or don't tell me at all--I
    won't want to know.
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