[rescue] Solaris firewire

James Jacocks jjacocks at mac.com
Sat Feb 28 08:30:17 CST 2004

On Feb 27, 2004, at 11:48 PM, Joshua Boyd wrote:
> Anyone ever do anything with solaris and firewire?  I've heard a report
> that only thing you can do with it is run a webcam.  It appears that
> the development stuff is included, but I haven't actually found
> documentation.
> I at least have found USB docs, and it actually looks nicer than linux
> (which probably shouldn't be a surprise).

I have spent a decent amount of time fiddling with firewire on Solaris, 
and the only conclusion that I can draw is that it is supported only 
for marketing reasons.  Video only mostly works, and firewire storage 
and others are right out.

Talking to Sun (have a few friends there) hasn't produced any hope that 
this will be rectified in the near future, either.

Good luck!

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