[rescue] IRIX 6.5.20f disks

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Sat Feb 28 04:40:04 CST 2004

On Sat, 28 Feb 2004, r.stricklin wrote:

> On Feb 27, 2004, at 1:19 PM, Kevin wrote:
> > I wasn't aware that Photoshop ran at all under 6.5.  I thought it
> > used an antiquated binary type or something like that?
> >
> IRIX dropped support for COFF at 6.5,

Minor nitpick, COFF was fully dropped in 6.2, there was some little
support in 6.1 (6.0 seemed to have full support oddly enough) to get
people to move their coffs from 4.x.x days. I know because I had to do
some porting of some custom packages we were using on a power challenge in
a previous life :)

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