[rescue] Looking for DLT module service

Martin Wedel geeks at xsintrk.net
Fri Feb 27 02:08:35 CST 2004

Hey guys,

Long time no post for me.

 I've got a Storagetek 9710 with a few flakey DT 7000 modules.  Can
 anyone recommend a service or person who does work on these drives?

  Mostly I have sticky shuttles that stall out the unit when a tape
  is ejected.  Another drive just has some logic error where it is ID'd
  as a string of gibberish on the chain.  I have 5 spares, and would love to get
  at least 2 working, running on 4 drives is cramping our style!


-- Martin                          mailto:geeks at xsintrk.net

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