[rescue] openbsd and scsi drives...

Paul Hortiatis ph009j at mail.rochester.edu
Thu Feb 26 19:06:16 CST 2004

Could it have something to do with which drives openbsd is probing. i know
under solaris there is a file sd.conf which dictates which adapters, drives
and luns it probes when booting.


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> I finally got my e150 running openbsd 3.4 and im stumped. I
> have 12 sca
> scsi drives in the cage, and it only probes 4 of them from openbsd. It
> seems only to find the very first four or target 2, 3, 4, and 5. Im
> using an esp/hme card. I did try using MAKEDEV and making a few of the
> devices. All the drives do probe from the openprom prompt. So im just
> wonder if any openbsd guru knows how to fix this :)
> Stephen Sukovich
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