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Dan Sikorski me at dansikorski.com
Thu Feb 26 00:17:15 CST 2004

Brian Dunbar wrote:

> On Feb 25, 2004, at 9:39 AM, Caleb Shay wrote:
>> Caleb
>> (who took almost 2 minutes to type this while he gets used to his new 
>> keyboard: http://www.fingerworks.com/ST_product.html)
> Looks nifty as could be ... but $400 for a keyboard?  Obviously you 
> think there is a benefit ..... is it that much better than a standard 
> IBM type keyboard?

Everyone i've told about my Kinesis keyboard looks in disbelief when i 
tell them that i paid about $125 for it, and their retail price is $240 
- $375.  However, as i tell all of the disbelievers, it's worth EVERY 
PENNY.  It has a fast, "clicky" key action, a comfortable and a well 
thought out keyboard shape/layout.  It took me a few days to get used to 
it, but is VERY comfortable, even for someone like me with large hands.  
I would reccomend one to anyone.  I do however have some nitpicks:

The `/~ key is in an odd spot, it's below the z key, and difficult to hit.

The =/+ key is in an odd spot, it's to the left of 1, where `/~ should be

There is no numeric keypad, it uses the same concept that most laptops 
do (a keypad key turns on the keypad in the right hand region of the 
keyboard, this would be easier to use if i had the pedals for it, but i 

The F keys suck.  They're small and rubbery, similar to cheap calculator 
keys.  I don't use them much, so it's not a big issue to me

I have a tendency to accidently hit Page Up with the tip of my thumb 
when i hit enter, but i've trained myself to hit the enter key with the 
pad portion of my finger intead of the knuckle, and i don't have this 
problem much anymore.

Understand that these nitpicks are coming from an anal retentive bastard 
who has been using the keyboard for about a year now.  I'd be first in 
line to buy a full size kinesis with a numberpad, but until then, this 
is my keyboard of choice.

    -Dan Sikorski

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