[rescue] More stuff to go

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Feb 25 21:08:18 CST 2004

I found a few more things folks may be interested

2 x drive sleds from the SS2's
   these look like those disk sleds people were talking
   about a couple of weeks ago--go on the bottom of the
   drives and have the tabs that fit into the slots in
   the bottom of the chassis

6 x 4MB flash for Cisco networking gear

6 x flat black console cables for Cisco gear

1 x Sun BNC to 13W3 video cables.  BNC end is RBG +

1 x Sun 13W3 male to 13W3 male cable.

1 x Supermac video cable 3BNC (RBG) to D15

1 x Sun audio adaptor--funky 8-pin mini-DIN (male) to
     audio mini-plug audio. Part # on it is:

Have AC adaptors (12V 2.5A) for each of the above
Cisco ISDN routers, if anyone needs them for other
gear (pretty standard for the small Cisco equip).

Postage plus a $1-2 on any of the above to cover my
time to pack it up.  Prefer paypal since I'm moving
on the 8th from left coast to the right coast.

More stuff later, maybe.


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