[rescue] FYI: SF Bay Area electronics recycling

Nadine Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Feb 25 21:07:07 CST 2004

Just an FYI for anyone in the Bay Area that
needs to recycle stuff too broken or useless
to rescue and wants to make sure it doesn't
wind up in a landfill.  Bonus: no cash required,
even for monitors.

Hackett Electronics in San Jose will accept any
electronic gear you have for recycling.  They
charge if you bring monitors *alone*, but if you
bring other electronic gear, there is no charge
for the monitors.

They've signed the recycler's pledge of steward-
ship, to assure that none of the materials that
come into their facility winds up in landfills.

Web site:

Call before you go as their hours are a little
limited, and the directions to their location
are a little obscure if you are not familiar
with the area.


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