[rescue] DIY-blade?

Jeff Workman jworkman at pimpworks.org
Wed Feb 25 14:26:45 CST 2004

--On Wednesday, February 25, 2004 10:07 AM -0700 Dan Duncan 
<dand at pcisys.net> wrote:

> I was playing around on Ebay's dangerous "going, going, gone" listings
> for computers once and saw a lot of systems from ClearCube.  These
> were basically x86 blades where each rack-mount chassis held about
> a dozen blades.  Each blade had somewhere around a 500MHz celeron
> cpu, standard SDRAM slots, and an IDE drive bay.  Somewhere around
> 256MB ram and a 10-20GB HD were included for each.  The cool part
> was how the heads worked.  The chassis had connections for ethernet
> for each blade, and then an RJ45 console port for each blade.  You
> were meant to run a CAT5 up to a few hundred feet and you put a remote
> console breakout box at each desk.

Ewwww! Stay away from these things.  They're garbage.  We tried them here 
where I work for the callcenter computers and most of them died within the 
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