[rescue] PC Cases

Brian Dunbar brian.dunbar at plexus.com
Wed Feb 25 12:59:05 CST 2004

On Feb 25, 2004, at 12:21 PM, Caleb Shay wrote:

> On 2004-02-25 10:58:47 -0500 Brian Dunbar <brian.dunbar at plexus.com> 
> wrote:
>> On Feb 25, 2004, at 9:39 AM, Caleb Shay wrote:
>>> Caleb
>>> (who took almost 2 minutes to type this while he gets used to his 
>>> new keyboard: http://www.fingerworks.com/ST_product.html)
>> Looks nifty as could be ... but $400 for a keyboard?  Obviously you 
>> think there is a benefit ..... is it that much better than a standard 
>> IBM type keyboard?
> $340 from thinkgeek.com.  Some days my hands hurt so much I'm not 
> capable of pushing a key down far enough to make it register.  Just 
> brushing the keys with my fingertips on this thing is enough.  I can't 
> get the full speed I get on a regular keyboard on the days where my 
> hands don't hurt, but that should come with practice.

I can see that a side benefit would be that no one else in the house 
will touch your computer with that keyboard attached ....


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