[rescue] Announcement: Motorola 88000 ("m88k") site

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Wed Feb 25 09:39:29 CST 2004

I found a DG Aviion in a dumpster once that was fairly loaded. But not 
only was it
fairly loaded it was fairly beat up too so it was useless. Damn 
bastards! It had
8 of those CPU's in it. I really wanted to play with it. Oh well....

-- Thomas

Paul Weissmann wrote:

>	I thought it'd be appropriate sending a pointer to my Motorola
>88000 resource page to this list too. (Although m88k is only rarely
>mentioned here)
>URI: <http://www.doorslam.net/m88k/>
>The page is in a more or less ready state, covered topics include:
> o 88000 CPUs and support chips
> o MVME-Boards based on 88000 CPUs
> o Some Computers based on 88000 CPUs (DG, Motorola, ...)
> o OpenBSD/mvme88k
>There is still a lot missing, e.g. the other available Unix-flavours
>for m88k, more systems from other vendors and a description of the
>Motorola m88k boot-rom (BUG); all of which should be included over
>the time.
>        - paul

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