[rescue] e150 RED State Exception

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Tue Feb 24 20:21:11 CST 2004

Stephen Sukovich says ...
> Stephen Sukovich said ...
> >Ok I finally got my new 180 watt power supply for my e150 and upon
> >turning it on I get this over the serial console.
> >Now doe this mean the motherboard is a goner or does it have to do
> >something with memory... Arg so close and yet so far away from getting
> >this guy working...
> oops solved my problem :) moved the two sticks of memory over to the
> next set of spots and it worked magically.

Sun seems to specialize in scary error messages when you get the memory
sticks in the wrong spot.

This is probably left over from the days of sealed boxes only an FE was
allowed to open, but one wonders how many amateurs have tossed out
otherwise-healthy Sun boxes because of it.  Certainly, my LX would have
gone, had it not been for this mailing list and someone's interpreting the
"Fatal Tsunami Module Error - Change System Board - Write Large Check or go
Back to Windows" error message or whatever it was.


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