[rescue] IRIX 6.5.20f disks

Caleb Shay caleb at webninja.com
Tue Feb 24 17:22:11 CST 2004

On 2004-02-24 17:59:01 -0500 Sheldon T. Hall <shel at cmhcsys.com> wrote:

> Caleb Shay says ...
>> Ah, I know exactly what patch you are talking about.  It's available
>> from Supportfolio, even without a support contract.  I don't recall
>> the patch number off hand, but do a patch search for 'inst' and it
>> will come up.  If you can't find it I can send you a copy.
> Searching the SGI site for various permutations of the actual file 
> name,
> "patchSG0003700", gets butkus, and searching for "inst patch" gets 
> pages and
> pages of crap.
> If you could actually zip it up and send it along, I'd be most 
> appreciative.

Actually, the patch I'm thinking of is 5086, maybe not the one you 

> Thanks.
> -Shel
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