[rescue] 400 MHz CPU in an Ultra 60

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Tue Feb 24 14:26:25 CST 2004

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> Date: 2004/02/24 Tue PM 07:22:25 GMT
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> The 400MHz/2MB CPUs (as used in the E250) will work.  The U30,
> like the U60, uses the same jumper setting for /2 and /4
> clocking between the CPU and the UPA bus, so you'd jumper J3001
> to 2-3.

Cool, good to know...

> If memory serves, the same thing is true for J2701 in old
> (501-2996) E450s.

A quick review of the Sun FEH supports this - there are three basic
"generations" of system boards: 2 Meg, 4 Meg and 8 Meg cache-capable, and only
certain later revision levels of the system board supported 400 MHz 2 MB CPUs.
Later revisions supported 480 MHz CPUs...

Very good to know, as I plan on putting 4x E250 400 MHz CPUs in an E450 when
it comes later this week.

Also, I noticed that the FEH has this interesting note about E450s:

   "Use the setenv mfg-options OBP command to set the
    system up as a Server (mfg-options 49) or as a Workstation
    (mfg-options 0)."

WTF is Workstation vs. Server (in this context)?

On a related note, anyone want to make an offer on an E250? I'd prefer local
pick-up, but I do have a suitable box/custom foam to ship it if desired (at
actual cost to the seller).

Basic config is:

 2x 250 MHz CPUs
 1x CD-ROM
 512 Meg RAM
 2x 9 Gig HDs

I'd like $350 for the above system - local pick-up (Princeton, NJ area), plus
$20 handling/packing material and actual S/H from 08540 if shipped (warning,
it is HEAVY).

Thanks in advance,

lionel 4287 at verizon net

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