[rescue] "New" Sparc Classic -- qouple of Q's (my first post)

John Redmond jredmond at bmts.com
Mon Feb 23 14:27:54 CST 2004

I've just "rescued" a sparc classic from Ebay. In nice shape (almost) 
maxxed out ram, very clean, had to drop in a spare hd only 1gb -- 
otherwise seems perfect. Still not quite sure what it will be doing, but 
it's too cool a little box to just sit.

Question: It came with two token ring adapters which show up in OBP as 
SUNW,501-1932. I can't test beyond this but since the box was in such 
good shape I figure they would work. Would they be any good to anybody? 
Here? Ebay? I've got an ss20 with two Ross rt626 maxxed out ram + 4mb 
vsimm, plus two nondescript ss10's. Any oddball (or not so oddball) 
accoutrements could be of interest for a swap. (I guess off list is the 
way to do these things?)

Somewhat unrelated: I'm stuck with a dial-up internet connection, so I 
can no longer run servers at home for more than my own amusement. I'm 
interested in any opinions on how foolhardy would it be to stick the 
ss20 (say) in a co-lo and use it for real - maybe hosting some domains 
for friends and/or local charities or small businesses etc. Obviously 
the hardware is great quality, but it IS old, and I'm guessing I would 
have to expect to do any repairs myself.

Thanks in advance
Dundalk, Canada

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