[rescue] Q about Q-bus tester card

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Sun Feb 22 15:14:30 CST 2004

> From: Walter Belgers <walter+rescue at belgers.com>
> Date: 2004/02/22 Sun PM 09:03:22 GMT
> To: rescue at sunhelp.org
> Subject: [rescue] Q about Q-bus tester card
> Hi,
> I have rescued a VAX 4000-200 and in it is a card with 2 40-pin
> connectors, labelled 'Digital 1213113'. Some googling learns
> that this is supposed to be a 'Q-bus tester card' but I can't
> find more info (have tried the Digital^WHP site as well). Does
> anybody know more about it?

Isn't that one of the ultra-rare QBus <-> IDE adapters? IIRC, they are only good to 8 Gig or so...

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