[rescue] Serial console on IBM RS/6000 250?

Linc Fessenden linc at thelinuxlink.net
Sun Feb 22 13:46:33 CST 2004

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004 12:17:08 -0500
Andrew Weiss <ajwdsp at cloud9.net> wrote:

> On Feb 22, 2004, at 11:03 AM, Jon wrote:
> > A stream of electrons on the network once looked like:
> >> Indeed not... a drill and a big honkin flat head screwdriver are your
> >> friends in this case.
> >
> > When I needed to get my SS1000 running I disassembled the powersupply
> > and pulled the keyswitch.  A local locksmith had no trouble cutting a
> > key that works very well on the 4-position lock.  Only $8-$12 and the
> > machine is not damaged in any way.
> >
> Locksmiths can not and will NOT cut a key for a Medeco security lock.  
> I tried to no avail.
> Andrew

I'll call bullshit here.  I was an apprentice locksmith for 2 years.  You can indeed cut medico keys, but you need a special machine and the blanks are dang expensive as well.  It's an expensive rig to set up, so it's more likely that you won't be able to find a locksmith that could do it, but it definately can be done.

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