[rescue] Re: differences between E3000 and E4000..

Kay sunfriek at ussonet.net
Thu Feb 19 02:37:25 CST 2004

> The E4000 is easily rackmounted - the E3000 isn't
is there a Sun rackmount kit for it?
my luck i couldnt afford it.

> The E4000 chassis is physically smaller than the E3000
ya i figured that one.. thats why im looking at it..

> The E4000 hasn't got wheels
*shrugs* ... mine needs to live in a rack.. maybe in the same rack as my

> The E4000 has no internal hotswap disk slots - the E3000 has ten
shouldnt be a problem with the RSM2000 attached to it.

> The E4000 scales to 14 CPUS/28GB RAM max - the E3000 scales to 6 CPUs/
> 12GB RAM max
sounds awesome but havent been able to find ram for it ... crucial and
memoryx Lists it but its WAY beyond expensive..

> The E4000 scales to 7 I/O boards max - the E3000 scales to 3 I/O boards
> max
right ... but that depends on the number of systemboards in the system..
> Other than that, the two systems are pretty much the same. The use of
> common parts across the E3000-E6500 range makes them really easy to
> upgrade and maintain.
i can find quite a bit for them except for ram...


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