[rescue] 1 maybe 2 FREE SGI Crimsons

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Wed Feb 18 18:58:34 CST 2004

   On Wed, 18 Feb 2004, Gerhard Lenerz wrote:

>   Or find a woman that is also interested in computers. While that
>   sounds like a great idea, there is a huge risk that you will also be
>   fighting over pieces of hardware and such - just in a different way.
>   :-)

   I am *so* happy that my wife understands (and actually tolerates,
fairly well) my compulsion.  Heck, she actually scored me a NOVA that
was in service at DG in their internal operations.  Not only that,
but she put a stop to the "sledge-hammer event" they were planning
for the machines when the systems were retired!  Marriage isn't so
bad....  (given the right parties)

   Oh, and Dave -- none of this "time to move" yak.  :-)

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