[rescue] 1 maybe 2 FREE SGI Crimsons

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Wed Feb 18 18:05:56 CST 2004

On Feb 18, 2004, at 6:29 PM, Andrew Weiss wrote:
>>   "Women expect to change their men, and men expect their women to 
>> never change."
> Well some women do.  These women are also to be avoided as being 
> mentally unstable.  Women who are unapologetic about exactly what they 
> want are usually done with their "formative" years and are usually the 
> good kind.  It's a trial and error process yes but not without a large 
> enough number of hints you can use when getting to know someone to 
> determine if all of a sudden they will change some time later and grow 
> apart from you possibly.

   Up until I was 29 or 30, I (purely coincidentally) wound up dating a 
string of women who were around 20-21 or so, one after the other.  I 
ran into that problem FAR too many times, and eventually swore them 
off.  I call that period the Insane Years.

   Then I dated a woman eight years my senior...turns out, she saw a few 
gray hairs, started to panic, and grabbed the first guy who crossed her 
path, someone she didn't even particularly like...me!  That was a 

   Now, I'm 34, Julia is 33, and things seem Just Right(tm). :)


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