[rescue] OT: differences between E3000 and E4000..

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Wed Feb 18 15:12:21 CST 2004

   Horrible.  Terribly ugly.  Too ugly for you, in fact.  Box it up and 
ship it to me immediately, and I will make sure its ugliness will never 
offend you again.



On Feb 18, 2004, at 4:06 PM, Andrew Weiss wrote:
> My version of the differences:
> E3x00 = Pretty
> E4x00 = Pretty ugly (looks like a big grey PC -- their new Sunfire V 
> machines are much prettier)
> Andrew
> On Feb 18, 2004, at 3:56 PM, Kay wrote:
>> what are the major differences between the E3000 and E4000?
>> i know the E3000 has a 4 slot and the E4000 is 8slot .. but what other
>> differences are there???
>> does the E4000 way any less than the E3000?
>>  any info here is appreciated.

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