[rescue] Sun Ultra 1 + extras for the taking

Ido Dubrawsky idubraws at dubrawsky.org
Wed Feb 18 11:04:43 CST 2004

Gents (and ladies),

  So I've finally given up on trying to figure out the problem with my Ultra
1 (the first one I bought).  I've replaced the motherboard but I still have
the "Red State Exception" errors (in fact, I replaced the original Ultra 1
motherboard with a Ultra 1 Enterprise motherboard -- has fast-wide SCSI, 10/100
built in ethernet, etc).  Anyway, the two motherboards, along with the case,
the CD-ROM, 384MB of memory (which was known to be good), and a couple of
video cards and a SunSwift (Fast SCSI/Ethernet) card are up for the taking.
I'm not asking any money but if you want it shipped, you'll need to take that
responsibility.  I'm in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area.  The case and power 
supply are good, the two motherboards are toast (AFAIK...perhaps someone else 
can come up with a solution).

  I'm just not going to put the effort into it...I'm looking to get an Ultra 60
with 1GB of RAM and at least a 440MHz processor and 18GB of disk...I've gotta
get CiscoWorks VMS running under Solaris and figure out why a customer can't
seem to do it.

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