[rescue] closet cleaning

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Tue Feb 17 17:09:44 CST 2004

Following a lead here, my wife and I are also trying to
shed our packrat tendencies somewhat.  We instituted
a policy some time back that dictated for anything we bring
home we have to shed something of TWICE the volume, but that
hasn't worked as quickly as we'd hoped and besides we're
trying to save some money.

Anyway, I've identified some initial gear I'm willing to
get rid of FOR FREE if delivered near home (Colorado Springs,
CO) or picked up near work (downtown Denver, CO).  I would
prefer not to ship any of this, but will for shipping cost
plus a couple bucks for my trouble:

So I'm wondering if anyone on the list:
1) want any of them
2) know anyone who wants any of them
3) know of any charity that will accept them as a donation
4) know of any unlocked dumpsters and will you drive while I chuck?

All have cpu, ram, and HD.  The inventory is something like this:
~4 486-type systems in desktop cases
~3 486-type systems in tower cases
 1 Sparc 1 with bad NVRAM
 1 Sparc ELC with bad NVRAM
 1 Mac Centris 650 with MachTEN unix installed and included on floppies
 2 IBM PS/2 systems
 1 PowerMac 7200
 1 pentium-type system in a tower case (cyrix 686)

Make an offer on the following:  NO OFFER TOO SMALL!  May not be
available immediately:
 2 Sparc classics (great systems, but I have 4)
 1 Sparc 10 (dual SM41 cpu) OR 1 Sparc 4/110MHz (I will keep one)
 1 SGI Indigo^2 (got a pair, only want 1)

Assorted mice, keyboards, ram, hard drives to cover the above
or stuff you may already have that lacks mice, keyboard, ram
or hard drives.

Let me know!  Thanks!

More will be available as I dig in.


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# He is a hard man who is only just, and a sad one who is only wise. -Voltaire

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