Analog & digital (was Re: [rescue] power distribution system?)

Francois Dion fdion at
Tue Feb 17 10:11:35 CST 2004

Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:

> Where are you? A friend of mine has a few DEC half-racks in my garage,
>and he might be willing to sell them if you're close to Austin, TX.

I'm in North Carolina. Corporate is in TX, but I dont get to go there 
very often, nor do I usually drive there.

>>Also, anybody has some analog music gear in their rack, along with their
>>antique computers? What kind of filters are you using and where are you
>>putting them?
>I -wish- I had some rackmount synth modules, filters, and other such fun
I like both analog and digital gear, but some of the older stuff is 
really finicky. I used to have a lot of time and would modify and make 
my own modules. But I only had some very quiet (RF and EM wise) PC 
equipment (a laptop and a fully shielded PC with a Gravis Ultrasound 
that I had modified to have balanced in/out and bypassed the mixer 
circuit completely) near that stuff.

Some of the more obscure digital synths had big computers tied to them. 
Now, that would be a cool rescue. UWaterloo had a Lyre some years back, 
very cool machine. It had a huge number of LEDs (it looked in fact kind 
of like a Connection Machine in a nice mahogany console, hehehe). The 
Lyre probably used some 16 bit processors. A friend who worked with me 
at Videoway had worked on the software for the Lyre (he had worked on 
the Adlib soundcard too, remember those?).

 From time to time, I'll patch a synth in and noodle for a little bit. 
But, alas, I dont have much time for this anymore. Plus, power is dirty. 
I'm thinking it's my U1, or maybe I'm having a ground problem. I'll 
start with some UPS, to get rid of some of that. I also have a Sun drive 
array that is injecting some noise (thermal recalibration??), that one I 
dont know how to correct.


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