[rescue] Re: Sun E4500 Performance Question

William Enestvedt William.Enestvedt at jwu.edu
Mon Feb 16 10:17:53 CST 2004

Phil Stracchino wrote:
> [about 20 minutes later] I have all 501-4363s at the moment,
> 336MHz/4MB UltraSparc-II on 501-2976 83MHz boards.  It's kind
> of odd to look these processors up on sun.com and see them
> listed at $11,495 each.
   Quit laughing at me: we asked our VAR -- where the "VA" is supposed
to mean "value-added" -- to get us some new CPUs for our 3000 and 3500s,
and the quotes were all for $26,000 and up.
   *sigh* While it's nice to have support contracts, sometimes it's
tough to work in a place that won't use EBay or "gray market" vendors.
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