SS5/170 [was Re: [rescue] [OT?] Linux on a SS2]

R. Lonstein ross-sunhelp at
Mon Feb 16 09:18:00 CST 2004

On Sat, Feb 14, 2004 at 11:53:19PM -0500, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> It may just be a Linux thing (but I *think* it applies to
> the *BSD's as well), but I think the only thing that'll
> run well on a SS5/170 is Solaris, due to Fujitsu doing
> Has anyone gotten NetBSD or OpenBSD to install/run without
> problems on a SS5/170? I'm just realizing I've never

It was just a Linux thing and was later fixed, as I recall. OpenBSD
and NetBSD run flawlessly.

I ran just such a system (SS5/170) first as a firewall (3 months) then
as a web server (>1 year) with OpenBSD. Completely stable and survived
a minor slashdotting without any drama, though my 384K upstream
bandwidth didn't. For the little more than day it went on, the system
load didn't break 1.0 even during my nightly housekeeping jobs. If I
had a bigger upstream pipe it might have struggled. 

Before the hard drives died (not enough air flow in the heat of summer
for the two barracudas, whoops), I tried hosing it with multiple
instances of apache bench and found that bandwidth, in this case at
the 10Mbit switch, ran out before the box or OS did. Nifty little

- Ross

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