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Subject: Fwd: SGI's, Free to a good home (Virginia, USA)

feel free to forward if you like.

Recently posted to mailing lists at work, no takers.

Get em while they're hot folks. Anything left is ebay fodder. After
that, the landfill. Hate to see em go.


I'm going to be moving in April, and I have (literally) about a ton of
hardware I'd like to shed before then. I will gladly give the
following to whomever would like them:

An SGI Crimson, R4400/150. 256mb of ram. VGXT Graphics.
An SGI Power Series, with Crimson guts. R4400/150. 128mb of ram. VGXT

Both of these beasts weigh about 150lbs and are the size of a minibar.
Both of them require 50-pin scsi disks. I have sleds for them (twelve
total). You can usually find these disks for $5-10 on ebay. The most
recent IRIX they will run is 6.2, which isn't terrible, but isn't
great. I originally bought the first Crimson to learn IRIX, and the
second because it was really cheap. I am presently using them as

Both crimsons have 10mbit ethernet, for which you will need an AUI
adapter -- I have spares.

An SGI Octane, R10k/195, 128mb of arm, 4gb of disk, SI graphics.

This machine I bought about a year ago, and used as a desktop. It is
in excellent cosmetic shape, and has a nice fresh install of IRIX
6.5.18f on it. I have media for it. The octane is smaller than the
crimsons of course, but still weighs about 80lbs. You can carry it in
your arms, physically, if you are masochistic.

You probably want a dolly for the above. I can provide one at my
place, but on your end, that's your problem. :)

The following goodies set me back a bit of money, so I'd like to get
something out of it, but not a whole lot.

An SGI Challenge L, 6x R4400/250. 1gb of ram on MC3, easy enough to
get to 2gb. 7x 9gb IBM wide/diff scsi drives. It has a VFE ("verruh
fast etharnet!") dual-100mbit board. Challenges, of course, do not
have graphics boards, but you should be able to talk to it fine on
serial. The challenge has 6.5.18f installed on it also. It was my
database server until very recently.

I'm totally open to an offer on it. I paid $600 for it a couple years
ago, but I wouldn't expect anything like that. Give me $100, and it's
yours. It is a great machine, and still very fast. I have licenses for
MIPSPro (SGI's compiler) on the machine.

I have a 20" SGI Monitor DG20E20. It, like the Sun's, is a Sony
Trinitron underneath its charming graphite exterior. It is in very
nice shape, and takes HD15 and 13W3 video connections (and can
switch). I understand, though, that this is a sync-on-green monitor,
so it may not work with a PC. It will work fine with the Octane
though. I'd happily trade this monitor for beer, pizza, whatever. It
isn't that special to me, but I paid $125 for it last year. Still
smarting from that.

The crimsons use 3BNC video, I have video cables for that. I also have
various other SGI cabling, ask if you think I might have something,
given this inventory. I do NOT have a 3BNC monitor, but I do have a
3BNC -> 13W3 adapter (hens teeth, anyone?).


As soon as I'm able to migrate my dns/smtp/http/cvs/shell services off
of them, I also have a bunch of sparc/solaris machines that I'll be
getting rid of. Let me know if you're interested in:

Sparc 20, 4x 125mhz Ross, 256mb ram, 2x 4gb
Sparc 4, 110mhz, 1x 10k 9gb
A whole slew of Sparc LX/IPX/IPC machines
Sun 711 StorEdge multipack with 12x 9gb 10krpm cheetahs (fast/wide

Additionally, I have a whole flock of "lunchbox" sparcs -- IPC, IPX,
LC, LX, including an LX with 96mb of ram. The LX is sun4m and will run
Solaris 9. While not quite fast, it is running OpenBSD presently, and
makes a terrific firewall (it has 2 ethernet cards), and would work
reasonably well as a diskless sun machine.

Solaris is free from Sun. The 4 and 20, being sun4m, will run Solaris
9, which is a very nice version of Solaris. All of these machines are
currently in great working order.

Anyways, most of this stuff will just wind up on ebay provided I can't
find good homes for them otherwise. Feel free to forward on to anyone
you might think is interested.

These machines are located in Arlington, VA. That makes them local to
MD, DC, WV, VA, and NC. My car is a Buick. I cannot move any of these
in my car, you'll have to come to me. You'll need to email me if you
are really interested in any of this, I will take email as higher
priority than usenet. I will poll the group every couple days.

<alex at posixnap.net>

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