[rescue] How tall is that drive?

Samuel Kopel kopel at vex.net
Sun Feb 15 11:06:33 CST 2004

Seagate makes it really easy to tell the physical size of the drive. Just
check the first number of the drive model against this chart.

Form Factor
1 	3.5-inch, half-height, 1.6-inch high
2 	5.25-inch, half-height, 1.6-inch high
3 	3.5-inch, low-profile (LP), 1-inch high
4 	5.25-inch, full height
5 	3.5-inch, 0.75-inch high
6 	9-inch
7 	1.8-inch
8 	8-inch
9 	2.5-inch, 0.75-inch high

Chart taken from "How To Interpret Seagate Disc Drive Model Numbers"

I haven't been able to find similar info from other companies.

On Sat, 14 Feb 2004, Stephen Sukovich wrote:
> then I measure the size of my drives in it right now and they are
> the 1 inch high sca ones. Umm.... aren't the 1.6 inch sca drives called
> sca2 drives? Don't they go into things like SSA200s, and other storage
> arrays?

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