[rescue] [OT?] Linux on a SS2

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Feb 15 08:00:09 CST 2004

>>If I wanted to make an OpenBSD box double as a general-purpose web server on
>>the 'net, would it do it well?  What I'm asking is how well does Open do for
>>non-firewall tasks compared to NetBSD or even Linux?
> It's Unix.  It does about as well as any other Unix.  The Apache that
> comes with OpenBSD, by default, is very strict about what it'll do.  The
> man page describes an override switch that makes it behave like vanilla
> Apache.

Yeah, OBSD runs a chrooted apache by default. It can be overridden in 
some config file in /etc, I forget which. FWIW though, I thought it'd be 
much harder to set up than it was. I have perl cgi scripts and php 
running in the chrooted environment. Some things (like apache mod, I 
think) load before the chroot, so it's not so tough. worth trying anyway.

I'd be running OBSD on my SS20 if it supported muptiple procs. I 
understand it does not, so I have NetBSD installed and compiled a 
GENERIC.MP kernel. Love it.


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