[rescue] RE: Linux on SS/5-170

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Sun Feb 15 06:49:41 CST 2004

> On Saturday 14 February 2004 23:13, Eric Webb wrote:
> > So, you guys are talking me into finally loading OpenBSD on this
> > SS5/170 I have gathering dust.


> It may just be a Linux thing (but I *think* it applies to
> the *BSD's as well), but I think the only thing that'll
> run well on a SS5/170 is Solaris, due to Fujitsu doing
> something strange with their Sun4m implementation. I had
> Debian running on a 170 for a while, and was getting a
> kernel panic about once a day. When I replaced the machine 
> with a 85 (or maybe 70), it ran rock-solid. A friend of
> mine has tried installing Debian (and Redhat SPARC) on some
> other 170s, and hasn't ever gotten it to install successfully.

No, you're right - I'd forgotten about that limitation when I read the original post - there is a well-known problem *installing* Linux on SS/5-170 machines, with mixed results when you work around the installation issues. IIRC, the basic trick was to install on a non-TurboSPARC SS/5 (like the SS/5-70, 85, or 110), then move the drive to the TurboSPARC (SS/5-170) and run.

Some folks claim success following this method, I myself have not tried it. Eric, if you or anyone else would like to try it, I've got an SS/5-110 motherboard I'd be happy to send you for $5 + actual S/H.

If interested, please feel free to contact me off-list...


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