[rescue] [OT?] Linux on a SS2

Kay sunfriek at ussonet.net
Sat Feb 14 16:13:33 CST 2004

> > yes i have the 128meg's ...
> That's about it, hardware-wise, then.
box is maxxed out ... and has 2 gig swap.

> ipmon certainly seems to be using a lot of time, but, for all I know, that
> may be normal.
any clues on what ipmon actually does? i find no man pages on it.

> What's on the "other" side of this box?  Elsewhere you mention using 3 of
> the 4 QFE interfaces, 2 at 10base and 1 at 100base.  I assume one 10base
> connection is to the Internet, and one of the others is to your LAN, but
> what about the third?
welll right now ... internet side is on the 100baseT side.. (to the fiber
box on the side of the house..

and 2 internal networks ... one has access to the net and the other doesnt
.. the one that doesnt has the internal web pages for the family and some
other stuff.. including databases etc with lots of goodies..

i have the DHCP server and DNS (bind) on a SS5/110

the LX only routes ... i have to flush IPF almost daily anymore..
it wasnt bad when i had a T1 connection , the LX did wonderful ...

> If Sun's "one port, one processor" rule really means anything (and I
> it's more important at 100base than at 10), you might consider a reconfig
> that reduces the number of QFE ports in use.  I guess....
problem already solved .... moving to Cisco stuff... end of problem. (hate
to see
the LX retired but its overdue... ill miss ipf and have to get use to the
Cisco syslog stuff)


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