[rescue] [OT?] Linux on a SS2

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Sat Feb 14 08:06:01 CST 2004

   Greetings Rescuers!

   I've got a (possibly off-topic) question to the assemblage here:
Is anyone successfully running Linux on a SPARCstation 2, and if so,
how'd you load it?

   I'm getting really sick and tired of an old firewall box (on a
486) that I want to bring (1) a little more up-to-date and (2) to a
slightly more obscure architecture.  I'd like to take advantage of
the stateful features of the newer kernels and get a bigger disk drive
so the auditing stuff doesn't have to be rotated twice a day.

   Right now I've got a copy of RedHat 6.1 for SPARC on CD, and it gets
to about the third package (ld.conf) and wedges up.  Ideas?


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