[rescue] New toy - AlphaServer 800

Robert Rose rescue at mylighthouse.net
Fri Feb 13 22:31:48 CST 2004

5/333 ok, so it's no SC series, but it should still be fun to play 
with, huh?

Couple of questions:

1. It has a Mylex DAC960 PCI card, is there a way to configure it from 

2. Should I be able to boot from the DAC960?

3. The first serial port appears to be MMJ, is there a way to get the 
console to appear on a DB9 serial port so I can ditch this damn PS2 

4. It came with a PBXDP-AA (Emulex sync. serial PCI card),is it any use 
to anyone, or should I ebay it?

5. Any gotchas or words of wisdom?


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